Maxxum 4x4x4 Offer

4 years servicing, warranty & finance - one monthly cost

Are you tired of unexpected repair bills?

Would you like to make repayments to match your cash flow?

All business owners know the importance of cash flow – Cash is King and Queen!  Farm businesses carry the extra challenges of seasonal cash flow. 

An important part of managing cash flow is budgeting, and that of course involves knowing expenses.  Repairs, maintenance, and servicing can be very difficult to project for the coming year.  Specifically, knowing servicing costs, just like finance costs, in advance makes it easier to generate a cash flow budget. 

In recent times Car dealers implemented fixed price servicing enabling customers to know what these costs will be for a set number of years, making it easier to manage cash flow and budgeting.  Clever finance companies have also set up loan repayments so that they match a farm business cash flow.  For example, a loan repayment may be set up to line up with a milk cheque cash flow, or a crop harvest payment.

Taking the next step is putting these all together.  TTMI are now offering fixed priced servicing, at a fixed interest rate, for the life of the warranty. On top of this, the payments can be set up to match your cash flow. This results in farm businesses knowing exactly what costs they have for the warranty period, making it easier to work out cash flow budgets, something farm business owners and Banks love to work with.

So when you are looking at your next tractor purchase, be sure to ask the team at TTMI how we can bundle up the costs of the tractor, the servicing and the finance into one easy repayment program.


Buy a new Case IH Maxxum with one monthly payment.

You get:
4 years, full servicing.
4 year warranty
4 years finance at 0.4%

From only $2400 per month on Maxxum 125
Buy before end of year to take advantage of the Instant Asset Write-Off.

Based on 12.5% deposit or trade equivalent.
Terms & Conditions apply. See Full Terms here.



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Maxxum 4x4x4 Terms and Conditions (PDF)


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